University of Arkansas, Cooperative Extension Service (

University of Arkansas, Cooperative Extension Service ( was a challenge on many levels. The site had grown organically over the past decade into many small sites and blogs that looked identical. DD was involved in every aspect of this huge redesign project: research, usability studies, new information architecture, UI design, development and training. We delivered over 20 unique templates built using responsive design technique of development, developed a system that helped with mapping and migration of content. The entire project was documented with a 50 page styleguide.

Project Overview

The entire project took over a year to complete. There were over 14,000 pages of content, multiple blogs and the same design (one template) since 2006. It included a microsite for the Division of Agriculture and a unique look and feel for the 4-H area. UAEX has over 9 different audience groups that we surveyed. UAEX had a wealth of interesting content that we collected and grouped together so that users could quickly access libraries. These "large content areas" includes plant image library, tree identification, farm plans, horticulture glossary, extension policies and more.


UAEX has over 300 users who are updating their own content. We worked closely with OmniUpdate on the implementation of this complex site.

  • Focus groups
  • Broad based survey
  • Online card sorting
  • Live Usability Testing
  • Information Architecture & Nomenclature
  • User Interface Design
  • Development of over 20 unique templates
  • Created a system for migration of content
  • Web Standards Guide Delivered - 50 pages
  • On site training for staff



Kyleen Prewitt Associate Director for Finance & Administration
University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture
Cooperative Extension Service
I am an accountant and an administrator. Shortly after signing on as CFO, I was assigned the task of "updating" the website. The goal was to move from from an archaic, HIGHLY centralized web system to a modern, distributed content management system in an environment that had already tried and failed multiple times. The culture was resistant. Resources were thin. And, I knew nothing about websites! What I did know was that I needed help!
The IT Director and I interviewed three possible consultants. There was no contest. Don Donoughe cinched the job by immediately and succinctly identifying the problems with our site and then offering vision of what a new site could notonly look like, but accomplish.
With Don's help and encouragement, we successfully completed the largest single project (he hates that term) in the history of our organization. Now, a year later, the website is still a source of pride. While it continues to grow in size and functionality, Don's core design and architecture remain the backbone of the system.
Don quickly understood our needs and culture. He was tireless, unbelievably patient, always positive, and endlessly accessible. I have never worked with a more pleasant, professional consultant. I can't imagine tackling a web "do-over" without him!