Sustainable San Mateo County

Donoughe Design was selected by SSMC to upgrade their website. The new site needed to communicate SSMC's vision - a sustainable future for everyone in San Mateo County.

We created a clean and visually-oriented site that makes it easy for users to volunteer, donate money and learn about sponsorship opportunities.

The project started with a logo update and a new site architecture. The new WordPress template makes it easy for the internal staff to keep the site updated with news and events. DD continues to work with the internal team – training them to make content updates, add pages, create new headers, change layouts and much more.

Project Overview

Below are some of the highlights for this project:

  • Updated SSMC logo, color palette and typography
  • Implementated a new donation software system
  • Created a series of template pages
  • Trained the staff on updating the site
  • Created a new information architecture
  • Incorporated social media and updated SEO


More Details



Terry Nagel Former Mayor, Burlingame CA
Chair, Sustainable San Mateo County
I have worked with Don and his team on two websites and have found the team to be very professional, creative and talented. Don is an excellent listener and his team is extremely responsive. Both websites function well and are visually appealing.