Otero Junior College

It's always nice to get invited back to redesign a site, as was the case with OJC. This small college is located in La Junta, Colorado. Otero Junior College is proud of its reputation as one of the finest community colleges in the State of Colorado. Not many schools have a rodeo team!

We designed this site in 2014, so it was time for an update. The new site is brighter (whiter, less blue) with less copy, larger photos, use of icons, and more compelling copy. It was designed to be "mobile first". In general, the site is more modern looking and much easier to use on mobile devices.

The site architecture remained the same, but the templates are more flexible and easier to maintain. The site uses OU Campus for their CMS, so we were able to work directly with OJC's technical team to create the new templates, OU Campus snippets and implementation.

Project Overview

Below are some of the highlights our this project:

  • Research and discovery on design styles and available images
  • Campus snippet, component and asset development
  • OU Campus template creation, adjustments and modifications
  • Updates to improve accessibility, meta data information and SEO
  • Consultation and Documentation
  • Redesigned the entire site with a new look and feel
  • Redesigned the mobile navigation functionality




Almabeth Kaess Otero Junior College
Associate Vice President Enrollment Management
Otero Junior College recently completed our second website re-design with Donoughe Design. Our choice to go with DD for the second time was based primarily on our initial experience with the company five years ago and the personal investment of time and attention that Don and his staff gave to our project. For each of our projects, we've been limited by budget constraints and limited by the number of on-campus staff to help move our projects along. Don was able to work within our budgets and actually came in under the projected timeline this past round. Our website is built upon the OU Campus CMS platform, a platform that Don and his staff had previous experience with, making our implementation process extremely smooth. Over our years of working together, I've always found Don to be very creative and collaborative. While we've only met face-to-face one time, I consider him not only a business associate, but also a good friend.