Ferris State University

Ferris was ready for a completely new website, one that was would attract the attention of prospective students. This was accomplished by creating a site that was visually orientated with a clean, bold design style. The Donoughe Design team completely restructured the site in order to create a simplified user experience. The site is built using WCAG 2.0 and WAI-ARIA accessibility standards.

Project Overview

Below are some of the highlights of this large redesign project:

  • User interviews on campus
  • Recontructed the site structure
  • Incorporated social media into the site
  • Tested two different design directions
  • Built a responsive website
  • Worked with OmniUpdate development team to implement the new design and templates
  • Completed a Web Standards Guide



Ted Halm Web Content Manager, Ferris State University

We were faced with the monumental task of redesigning our university's website (ferris.edu) in order to meet the student-recruitment needs of our Admissions office in addition to keeping the site going as a holding tank for the entire university's daily academic and business operations.

The top priority of our initiative was to refocus the Ferris State University website as our chief recruiting tool. With a full-time staff of only two people in our web office, we were fortunate to secure funding for an outside consultant, and Donoughe Design was our ace in the hole.

Their team analyzed the traffic on the ferris.edu website and were able to prove without a doubt that the site will best serve Ferris State University as a front door for prospective students. The content and graphic design of the Ferris homepage is now primarily geared toward prospective students. Other content, including a sizable amount of content for our internal audience, was moved to secondary pages.

Not only does our new site work effectively when engaging prospective students, it also greatly enhances access and accessibility for all users on all types of devices, including mobile phones. Our state-of-the-art website was a major success among our campus constituents and we have Donoughe Design to thank for this.