Enzyme Technical Association

The Enzyme Technical Association (ETA) is a trade association that represents a majority of the manufacturers and marketers of enzyme products in North, Central and South America.

Their old site was problematic on many levels, it was not accessible, the images were not sized properly, it was not mobile friendly and above all it did not represent the organization in a professional manner.

The new site addresses all of these needs and has more professional look. The content is updated more frequently and Google Analytics shows a big increase in visitors to the site from around the world. We recently added the Cookiebot plug-in to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which applies to all websites with users from the EU.

Project Overview

Below are some of the highlights of this project:

  • Moved the site to a new ISP
  • Created an entirely new site with updated content
  • Edited and added corporate photos to the leadership page
  • Continue to add new content and functionality and ongoing maintenance.

More Details