Book Design

Over the past several years, I have created three books; Thomas and Camilla Donoughe Family, A Journey Together & Donoughe Twins.

Digital photography has changed how we share images and pass them along to our children. Creating a book is one way that I can pass along my photos and share our family history with future generations. It is also a great way to archive important genealogical information and share rare photos that have been scattered between siblings and cousins.

Each book was about a year long process which included countless hours of collecting the photos, scanning, cropping, color-correcting, writing the content, editing and of course doing the production itself with Adobe InDesign.

When completed, each book was uploaded to website where family and friends can order a copy.

Project Overview

Below are some of the highlights of this project:

  • Photoshop production to enhance and repair old and damaged photos
  • Created an InDesign template for each book that is flexible
  • Copywriting & editing
  • Original photography as well as archival images for each book