Burlingame Chamber of Commerce

The Burlingame Chamber of Commerce needed a complete overhaul. The site was outdated, and was not as friendly to visitors as it could be. There were redundancies and inconsistencies that could make it confusing. The business directory, which is one of the most important features of any Chamber of Commerce site, needed to be revamped and set up so it would be easy for staff to update quickly. Additionally, the Chamber’s logo had served for many years and did not portray the momentum that the organization is experiencing in the 21st century.

The distinctive line drawing of the historic Burlingame train station, while important to the City, was no longer home to the Chamber office and was too passive. The new obelisk logo is based on key architectural features of the recently updated Burlingame Avenue. It is a positive and uplifting icon that has relevance on many levels; the BCC initials, the color and the shape itself. This new identity was extended into the new site and print collateral as shown below..

The site is now entirely maintained by the internal team, businesses are added quickly to the business directory and the site features large beautiful images of the city, its attractions, businesses, parks and activities. the response has been extremely positive by all the stakeholders.

Project Overview

One of the most important aspects of this project was the creation and implementation of the business directory into the WordPress template (as shown on the right).

  • Logo Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Implementation of Business Directory DB
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Collateral Design
  • Google Analytics Implementation
  • WordPress training

More Details

The homepage features a rotating gallery that links users to one of four main areas of the site. Below the fold, users can read Burlingame Business News or see the latest action on Facebook through a feed. The site is clean, professional, easy to use and reflects the professionalism of this important community organization.

Where We Started

The previous site suffered from a variety of problems; an outdated design, poor navigation, poor photography and outdated content. This site was not built in the responsive method of development, making it nearly impossible to use on mobile devices. Additionally, it was not possible for internal staff to update content.


Georgette Naylor President/CEO, Burlingame Chamber of Commerce The Burlingame Chamber of Commerce had a difficult decision to make when choosing a vendor for our website design. We work with many talented and experienced experts, several of which are valued members of our Chamber. Our choice of Donoughe Design came about after careful consideration of the partners he had worked with that were most like our business.

Don was incredibly patient through our committee and board approval process, answering seemingly endless questions and "what-ifs" with a smile. He proved to be the perfect partner for us and the product we have today is ample evidence of both his design genius and his great people skills. He navigated through many meetings with other vendors that influence or feed our website and again, he patiently kept the project on path.

We are proud to have Donoughe Design as part of our Chamber and partner in the design and implementation of our new website.