Bay Maples Urban Sawmill

Bay Maples recently invested in a sawmill to use salvaged lumber to build beautiful and creative indoor and outdoor furniture from logs that would have been otherwise discarded.

Alan Hackler and his team at Bay Maples Wild California Gardens needed a new site quickly since they were sponsoring some local festivals and hosting an open house to showcase their salvaged furniture.

Our team was able to set up a new site quickly that targeted both residential and commercial clients. We helped Alan use existing photos since there was not adequate time for a professional photo shoot.

The new site has been a valuable tool that allows Bay Maples Urban Sawmill to showcase their capabilities, creative approach and sustainable techniques. Creativity and Sustainability: A match made in heaven.

Project Overview

Below are some of the highlights of this project:

  • Used only cell phone photography
  • Worked with Alan to curate workable images
  • Helped write the copy
  • Created the WordPress site within 3 weeks to meet a tight deadline